How to Comply with BCA Requirements

All Australian buildings must comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements. This is a set of technical and safety provisions for the design and construction of buildings that is reviewed and amended every year to cover technical and regulatory changes.

For architects and builders designing commercial or multi-occupancy premises it is important to stay fully up to date with the BCA requirements. This ensures buildings are kept structurally safe, fire safe, and are able to maintain healthy environments for occupants.

Must Haves in a Fire Door

One of the BCA regulations is that all buildings (except non-high-rise housing) must be designed with fire compartments which will stop fire spreading, allow occupants to escape and allow fire-fighters to attack the blaze.

There are strict regulations for fire resistance in buildings and for fire door requirements. The latter must offer both a way for occupants to escape a blaze and to stop a fire spreading.  Part C of the Code stipulates what level of fire-resistance is required for fire doors in a building’s design and specificallydetails the requirements for fire door assemblies and for maintenance.

The seal products provided by Kilargo are Australian-made and designed to help builders and architect comply with BCA regulations.

They can be installed with complete confidence that they assist with maintaining the necessary safety standards in buildings of all sizes.

Draughts flowing in through unsealed gaps in doors not only disturb the living and working environment, but create unwanted temperature imbalances and can contribute to the spread of fires. Our fire and smoke seals are specifically designed to minimise air leakage, restricting the spread of fire and smoke. They are ideal for use with compliant fire doors.

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Kilargo has been providing Australian builders, architects, and specifiers with the hardware that helps them comply with BCA requirements for more than 30 years.

Commercial buildings, high-rise complexes, and health and education facilities have all benefited from installing our seals, including buildings in bush-fire prone areas.

Our suite of products includes fire, smoke, sound and energy solutions designed for complete building integrity, safety and comfort.

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