Anti-microbial version available This seal is also available with antimicrobial silicone gasket(s). Please contact us for further information.

Durable, bulb-type silicone compression seals, which can be easily kerf mounted into the rebates of timber door and window frames. These provide ideal smoke and acoustic seals for single action doors. These silicone compression seals can be fitted into a nominal 3mm wide kerf of sufficient depth.

Gap size

  • Required Door Clearance 3-5mm

Standard lengths

  • 50 metre coils

Standard colours

  • Black
  • Grey
  • (Dark brown available to special order)


  • Conforms with NCC Specification C3.4 smoke sealing requirements
  • Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3 and ISO10140-2

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