Anti-microbial version available This seal is also available with antimicrobial silicone gasket(s). Please contact us for further information.

The IS3020si and IS3021si (finned) seals can be fitted to door bottoms or meeting stiles of single and double action doors. They can also be utilised for door bottoms on roller type doors.

Both seals can provide effective containment against medium and ambient temperature smoke, sound, dust, light, weather and vermin.

Gap size

  • IS3021si: Min. 20mm / max. 24mm

Standard lengths

  • 1000mm
  • 2250mm
  • Also available in: 250mm increments from 1000mm to 5000mm

Standard colours

  • Silver anodised aluminium with grey silicone gasket/s

(Black silicone gasket also available upon request)


  • Fixing screws are supplied with detailed fitting instructions
  • Fixing holes are pre-drilled to allow the seals to be positioned accurately.


  • Conforms to BCA Specification C3.4 smoke sealing requirements
  • Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3
    and ISO10140-2

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Kilargo IS3021si perimeter sweep action blade seal
Kilargo IS3021si perimeter sweep action blade seal
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