These brush seals are designed to be used around the head & jambs, door bottom and meeting stiles of single or double swing doors, revolving, tilt-up and roller doors. These seals help protect against draught and dust, insects and weather penetration.

The slim-line carriers are aesthetically angled to avoiddust build-up.

The black nylon brush filaments, which are locked into a galvanized steel strip, are available fitted to an aluminium carrier, or as brush only.

Standard lengths

  • 1000mm
  • 2250mm
  • Also available in: 250mm increments from 1000mm to 3000mm

Standard colours

  • Silver anodised aluminium carrier with black nylon brush
  • Black anodised aluminium carrier with black nylon brush


  • Brush seals (within carriers) can be screw-fixedor self-adhered to the desired surface
  • Fixing screws and aggressive backing tape are supplied
  • Brush only seals can be mortised into a nominal 3mm (w) x 4mm (d) groove (with the length slightly kinkedfor an interference fit)


  • Durability tests demonstrating over 100,000 open & close cycles

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