IS9570 ALUmini Finger Guard

ALUmini on open hinge

ALUmini – for push side of door

Gap-filling aluminium and fabric retrofit finger guard for doors.

Retrofit finger guard with patented gap-filling, finger ejection system (offering improved safety).

Durable aluminium body and fabric finger ejection system,1925mm long, for 44mm door opening up to 180°.

As standard – SAA finish, charcoal-grey retracting fabric, including screw fixings.

ALUmini is a durable and stylish retrofit finger guard that prevents fingers from becoming trapped.

The specialty product is part of Kilargo’s architectural seals range and proves more effective than alternatives by filling the hinge gap rather than simply covering it.

  • Slimline – Taking up just 80mm of space on the door and works on doors with a stile as little as 90mm
  • Versatile – It can be fitted to most doors, including retro-fitting to older frames
  • Flexible – Offering an 180o opening angle
  • Quick – Taking less than five minutes to install
  • Subtle – There’s almost no impact on the clear opening width
  • Good looking – The sleek aluminium finish complements most existing decor
  • Durable – Its robust construction can withstand heavy impacts
  • Long-lasting – The quality manufacture means it lasts longer than other finger guards
  • Safe – Through its innovative circular profile and retracting fabric
Kilargo Alumini Finger Guard
ALUmini on open hinge
Demonstration of Kilargo alumini opening
Demonstration of opening
Kilargo Alumini Finger Guard Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Kilargo Alumini Finger Guard
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