Graphite based intumescent combined fire and smoke seal.


Applied to the perimeter of fire door assemblies. When exposed to fire conditions, these strip seals expand to many times their original volume, sealing off the door perimeter to prevent the passage of hot smoke and other toxic gases. These seals also incorporate an offset fin to provide smoke control across all temperatures.

Key Features

  • Offset fin seal (AS) provides outstanding smoke and sound containment properties.
  • One seal only for fire and all temperatures of smoke.
  • Simple self-adhesive application onto the door or frame.
  • Flexible seal is supplied in coils to minimize wastage when cutting lengths to size.
  • Ideal for fire engineering solutions where extra protection is required.

Use With

Used in conjunction with a Kilargo door bottom solution such as the IS8010si automatic door bottom or KP4204TF intumescent sweep type seal to provide a total door sealing system.


Kilargo high performance graphite based intumescent core with a co-extruded, asymmetric smoke and acoustic fin. Supplied with aggressive self adhesive backing.

Gap Size

Nominal 3mm


Standard Lengths 50 metre coils


Standard Colour: Black


The product can be simply retro-fitted to a steel frame, or set into a morticed groove in the door frame or the edge of the door leaf, using the aggressive self-adhesive backing tape.


  • Fire tested to AS1530 Part 4 for up to 2 hours on proprietary fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905 Part 1
  • Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3 and ISO10140-2


Kilargo KG1602AS Graphite based intumescent combined fire and smoke seal.
Kilargo KG1602AS Graphite Intumescent Combined Fire, Smoke and Acoustic Seal.
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