Education Fire Safety Products

Schools are abuzz with the sounds of children, and learning, cultural and sporting activities.  Providing a safe and conducive environment where students and teachers can effectively communicate and interact is vital to support the learning experience.

Containing or limiting the transmission of sound directly benefits teachers and students.

Kilargo offers a range of tailored acoustic door sealing solutions for education facilities that help to:

  • minimise noise from hallway activity and other classes
  • ensure lecture halls and auditoriums retain their quiet ambiance
  • contain noise from musical, trade, sporting and cultural rooms to minimise any disruption to adjacent classrooms
  • Finger Protection Options for Child Care Centre Rooms IS9050 IS9055 IS9070
Application Product Combinations
Acoustic Door Sealing Solutions  
Corridor Compartment Doors  
Double Leaf - Pivot IS7071si, IS3022si, IS4010
Double Leaf - Side Hung IS1212, IS7061, IS8010si for 40mm Non-rated, Double Leaf, Solid Core Doors
IS7025si, IS7061, IS8010si
Music Rooms IS7095si, IS8090si
TAFE & School Classrooms IS7195si, IS8090si
Weather & Energy Door Sealing Solutions  
Ground Floor or Modular Buildings  
Single Leaf-Side Hung IS7025si, IS3070si, IS4100