Kilargo integrity seal logo

Kilargo Integrity Seal

Choose Kilargo for integrity.

The Kilargo Integrity Seal represents what our clients can expect from our products and our service.

When it comes with the Kilargo Integrity Seal, it’s backed by our passion for excellence, innovation, service, partnership, expertise and sustainability.

Every day, we strive to meet six key commitments – to bring you real confidence.

Excellence, every time

Our products perform and last. We subject every Kilargo product to tough, independent and regular testing. We have earned a reputation for exceptional quality and reliability in commercial and multi-occupancy buildings across Australia and around the world.

The latest and best

With Kilargo, you know you’re getting the latest thinking in building safety, comfort and energy efficiency. We create, innovate and update. We are industry leaders in research and product development – and we’re constantly involved in new developments internationally.

Superb service, no fuss

We keep our promises, tackle challenges with gusto, and deliver on time and on budget. Most of our products are manufactured and sourced domestically, meaning fast turnaround and short lead times. We pride ourselves on being technical specialists with a straight-talking approach. We make it quick and easy for you: from selection to installation.

Real partnership

We know that our work can influence reputations and protect lives. That’s why we don’t sell products and walk away. We strive to truly understand our clients’ needs and build enduring partnerships. That way, we see things through your eyes – so we’re proactive, resourceful and always ready when you need us.

Great team, unbeatable experience

With Kilargo, you get a great team that knows its stuff. We employ the best people and we’re respected experts in the principles of fire, smoke and sound. We’ve been an internationally respected leader in the building hardware industry for more than 30 years – and we’re proud to drive standards and quality further every day.

Bigger commitment

We see the bigger picture … and our passion for the built environment extends to the natural environment. We continue to meet and exceed all relevant environmental legal requirements, reduce and manage our waste and emissions, and use resources as efficiently as possible.