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Hygienic Environments – Antimicrobial Gaskets


Specify and install Kilargo’s antimicrobial architectural seals to uphold the integrity and performance of internal environments requiring the highest of hygiene.

Kilargo’s antimicrobial silicone seals and rubber gaskets provide outstanding performance with unbeatable cleanliness.

Manufactured with in-built SteriTouch® protection, they are designed for ‘clean room’ environments and buildings that demand superior infection control – eliminating up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria.

Use them for hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes, laboratories and testing facilities, childcare centres and schools, and food-handling areas to minimise the occurrence of harmful bacteria, mould and fungi.

Application Product Combinations
New Antimicrobial Door Sealing Solutions  
Corridor - Access Doors  
Double Door-Double Swing IS7071AMsi, IS3022AMsi
Double Door-Single Swing IS7020AMsi, IS7060AMsi, IS8090AMsi