Soundproof & Acoustic Door Seals

Sound Insulation

Our sound insulation and sound proofing solutions provide acoustic seals with excellent resistance to airborne sound – maximising the comfort and performance of buildings.

Wherever noise influences human activity, effective acoustic sealing is essential.

The gaps around door assemblies are essential for effective operation – but they also allow sound to pass through. Sealing these gaps is crucial to reduce the amount of sound entering or leaving a room, providing effective noise insulation. Decreased sound disturbances can make an environment more appropriate and comfortable for its users, and will mean that separate spaces can continue with their activities without disturbance, as every space in a building is suited for particular purposes which require more or less sound insulation.

Our Soundproofing Materials and Products

We have a range of clients which benefit from door seals which target sound insulation, including educational facilities, medical environments and various multi-occupancy buildings, although they are appropriate for all types of environment where sound insulation is a concern. In any commercial or residential environments where sound disturbances are causing concerns or difficulties, Kilargo can help you choose the most appropriate acoustic seal to suit your specific sound proofing needs and requirements.

Our acoustic seals are made of the best soundproofing materials available. When fitted to external doors, they help to isolate buildings from the noise generated by roads, railways and airports. When fitted to internal doors, they help isolate rooms from airborne noise generated within a building, making them ideal for auditoriums, offices and conference rooms, educational establishments, hotel rooms and individual apartments in multi-occupancy buildings.

Find Your Sound Proofing Solution

We offer a comprehensive range of sound insulation solutions for readily available standard architectural flush doors as well as proprietary fire door and acoustic door assemblies, to meet your project requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our sound insulation sealing solutions.