Fire Seals

Kilargo Fire Seals

Kilargo is proud to offer passive sealing solutions that are proven to reduce fire severity by restricting the spread of flames and associated toxic smoke.

Fire is one of nature’s most devastating forces and can have catastrophic consequences. In the built environment, fire is especially hazardous – potentially resulting in loss of life and injury from burns or smoke inhalation.

The damage associated with a building fire can also severely affect the social, economic and business livelihoods of those involved. This is why Kilargo has developed high-quality fire seals as a solution to maximise the safety in any environmental or residential environment.

Creating fire-resistant compartments to subdivide a building is an internationally recognised method for limiting the spread of fire and smoke. However, unique solutions are needed to ensure that compartments remain accessible and open to traffic, while maintaining the required fire-resistance levels. Depending on your specific requirements and needs, a fire damper may also be appropriate.

Effective use of a fire door seal to appropriately seal openings in a fire-resistant compartment is critical. Choosing an appropriate sealing system will ensure appropriate fire-resistance levels, assist the evacuation of occupants, and allow more effective intervention from firefighters.

Kilargo’s range of fire seals of the upmost quality incorporate reactive intumescent materials. When exposed to elevated temperatures, they expand to many times their original volume – providing a stable, resilient and insulating barrier that inhibits the spread of flames and hot smoke.