Australian Made

We manufacture precision fire and smoke seals to impeccable standards to ensure the highest quality products for any building. Through years of experience in manufacturing fire door seals we have perfected our product range.

Our fire door seals cover a range of uses, many are intumescent, meaning they will greatly expand upon exceeding a certain temperature to fully seal gaps to prevent the spread of smoke & toxic fumes.

A variety of our fire door smoke seals are multipurpose, offering not only fire and smoke protection, but extra features such as sound proofing, draught reduction, stopping light leaking through gaps and preventing the spread of dust.  

For peace of mind and added functionality with your fire door and smoke seals, give us a call to discuss your best options. We’re always happy to discuss suitability of our products and would gladly give advice as to the best product per application. For more information, visit our contact page or give us a call!