Smoke Seals

Kilargo Smoke Seals

Kilargo provides smoke seal solutions that effectively restrict the spread of smoke: a dangerous and potentially fatal by-product of fire. 

As well as heat, fires produce a deadly cocktail of toxic gasses and dense smoke. This is often the major cause of fatalities, as smoke is produced in large quantities and can spread long distances. Even diluted smoke can blind and disorientate people, obscure exit signage, and hinder escape. Within any residential or commercial environment, the appropriate use of a smoke seal is essential, and is an indispensable way to ensure the maximum safety for the users of these buildings.

The application of smoke seals to door assemblies is a proven method to improve safety, help save lives, and improve tenable conditions in egress routes. These seals incorporate flexible smoke-sealing fins that restrict the passage of the cool and medium temperature smoke generated in the early stages of a fire.

We also offer a range of combined fire and smoke seals that incorporate an intumescent core material that is activated by heat and expands to many times its original volume – providing a stable, resilient and insulating barrier that restricts the spread of flames and hot smoke. These seals are designed for all “phases” of smoke by providing a performance overlap, with the intumescent material being activated before the smoke-sealing fin reaches its degradation point.