Door Weather Stripping & Seals

One of the simplest and most effective measures that home and business owners can take to reduce energy costs is to ensure that their building is well sealed.

Wind drafts, hot air and water entering a building can all create problems in the local living and working environment, as well as increasing energy usage; Kilargo’s door weather seals and weather strips make sure you keep the elements at bay and maintain control over your air temperatures.

How Do They Work?

Drafts flowing in through unsealed gaps in doors can disturb the living and working environment, with unwanted temperature imbalances.

Our door weather seals and weather strips can be fitted to external door openings, to provide a physical barrier of insulation to unwanted air flows. They also protect a building from other undesirable environmental intrusions, such as rain, snow, hail or any other outdoor disturbances. This boosts comfort levels within any building.

How Do Weather Seals Save Energy Costs?

Energy savings result from the increased control over room temperature that comes from using weather strips.

You can stabilise air temperature and boost energy efficiency in air-conditioned or heated environments by regulating the appropriate temperature in any given room or living space; it will not be disturbed by external air flows. This can lead to significant savings over time.

Small Changes with Big Results

Making some small changes in your property can yield big results. Our weather door seals couldn’t be easier to use: simply fit them once and let them work to maintain a stable and comfortable environment, regardless of tropical storms, desert winds or hail showers.

The experienced team at Kilargo has been providing building hardware for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional solutions with endless energy for innovation.

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