Fire Doors

What are Fire Doors?

Fire doors, also called fire rated doors, are an essential aspect of any multi-occupancy building, and are used to ensure the spread of fire and smoke is minimised. According to Australian standards, a “fire door” is short for “fire resistant door-set”, and its properties usually include a door leaf, a door frame, a self-closing device, other associated hardware, plus fire door tags for compliance.

Fire Door

Depending on the space, different solutions are available to best suit the environment fire doors are located in. Some of our most requested fire solutions consist of fire seals and fire door grilles.

Fire Rated Doors & Australian Standards 

Fire doors within multi-occupancy environments are required to meet relevant fire-resistance levels, be approved and comply with strict Australian standards, and undergo regular maintenance checks.

Fire rated doors can not only protect and save lives of people within a building or space, but they also assist to ensure there is minimum damage to property and the environment surrounding the fire. The destruction to the infrastructure of a building can be greatly reduced by effectively implementing fire-resistant solutions throughout a building.

Looking for fire door solutions?

Kilargo is a local manufacturer that provides fire door solutions for all kinds of environments, from medial, corporate, educational and all types of commercial spaces. Our expertise within the industry makes our products truly superior, as we comply with all Australian standards and focus on developing quality products.

Our diverse client base ensures we have a large range of products to choose for commercial doors to fire exit doors. No matter what you’re looking for, Kilargo has it. If you have a fire door requirement or if you are looking for a fire door certification but aren’t sure where to begin, we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and recommend the most appropriate products for your project.

To learn more about our range of fire, smoke, sound and weather solutions, please view our door seal page outlining our range of products.