IFD44 & IFD44Cased for Hebel Wall System


Hebel Wall System

This IFD System uses a Cased IFD44 and is suitable for typical 120 minute installations for any commercial or residential situation including offices, schools, apartments, hotels, motels & aged care facilities, where containment of fire / hot smoke is required.


To comply with the Building Code of Australia and referenced standard AS1668.1, Kilargo IFD series IFD’s are fully fire tested to AS1530.4 and air leakage tested in accordance with AS1682.1

Related Standards and Codes: AS1668.1 / AS1530.4 / AS1682.1 / AS1682.2 / AS1851.6


Kilargo has conducted an extensive testing program of IFD’S at CSIRO, Exova Warrington and BRANZ registered test authorities.

Approval Ref:

FCO 2325

Approved Product Sizes:

FRL – / 120 / – 1200mm High x 600mm in DUAL Hebel Panel
FRL – / 120 / – 400mm High x 600mm in SINGLE Hebel Panel

For more information and copies of relevant certificates contact Kilargo