Revit Selection Tool

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  1. After download, locate it on your computer (typically placed in the ‘Downloads’ folder by default), double click the file, then select ‘Run’.
  2. Once the Kilargo Revit Selection tool installs on your computer, open your Revit MEP program and you will see the Kilargo button in your top menu.
  3. Simply:
    icon_input INPUT application criteria such as penetration type, fire resistance level, and building element
    icon_select SELECT from the filtered list of Kilargo IFDs that suit
    icon_download DOWNLOAD Revit models that automatically size and orient to suit duct or penetration dimension and orientation. All content is compliant with the industry standard BIM-MEPAUS
    icon-save SAVE the corresponding Revit file to your computer instantly, or immediately place in your project.

For how to and troubleshooting tips, download the HOW TO GUIDE.

Download How To Guide

See the Kilargo Revit Selection Tool in action - watch above video