Antimicrobial Door Seals

Here in Australia & abroad with the current uncertain times, natural disasters & the current global pandemic, it’s easy to forget that our Medical Laboratories, Hospitals and Schools could be better protected against Bacterial contamination.

Kilargo has been recommending the installation of Antimicrobial Door Sealing Solutions during this period to help prevent the transfer/growth of bacteria between rooms within buildings.

Most of our more popular Architectural Door Seal products already come with the option to include an antimicrobial additive to help prevent bacterial growth.

With the creation of our antimicrobial gasket, we include SteriTouch® additives that incorporate proven, natural sterilising properties of silver to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and fungi by up to 99.99%. In-line with Kilargo’s commitment to a more ‘green’ environment, SteriTouch® additives do not leach and have no environmental impact.

How do we, as construction industry professionals, facilitate having better protection in future? There is no single or simple answer to this question. For now, what we can do is start looking at facilities that are required to serve food, assist in medical or pharmaceutical treatments and consider how much of a high-risk area for bacterial growth these venues pose, and what door hardware can be put in place as part of the building design to help prevent this type of growth in future.

Our full range of Kilargo Antimicrobial Architectural Door Seals are available in a variety of systems and applications and could help make the difference in your workplace and are easily identified by the distinctive light-blue colour of the gasket.

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Intumescent Automatic Door Seals

Kilargo has always strived to be the very best a what we do as a manufacturer. We’re always proud of our new products and our latest improvement is no exception.

Today we’re proud to announce a new addition to our 8000 series of automatic door bottom seals – the IS8010si-KG & the IS8011si-KG.

These products are equipped with an Intumescent Graphite material embedded within our gasket which protects better against the transfer of Smoke through doorways.

So what’s the best part? The upgrades are a fantastic complimentary upgrade to our already very popular IS8010si & IS8011si automatic door bottom seals, so you can be assured of their continued quality when you specify the product.

Our new products are already available from your local distributor, so get in touch with us today for more information or click the links below.