IFD Low Loss Damper

As many of you are aware, the IFD Low-Loss has been out for several months now.  The product has been a fantastic new addition to our product line.

The development of the Low-Loss damper has been a much sought-after improvement needed in the industry for many years with many of the current lines of intumescent dampers not changing for more than 20 years. The IFD-LL was greeted with a very positive, warm welcome across the entire HVAC industry.

With Australian & International standards changing, we needed to ensure that our product would not only be an improvement to design and our range but ensure future proofing for further development.

A significant part of the installation of fire dampers includes the requirement of an Installation Label outlined in AS1682.2.

Development of the label required several months of testing, proofing, redevelopment and eventual release. Now that the kinks have been ironed out, Kilargo has a well-tested and proven IFD Installation Label for our fire dampers. The installer labels are fully compliant with the latest standard, simple to use and give our installers a little more convenience when installing the product.

Each label is a dual-peel system, pre-attached to the damper, with a section for installers to enter their name & licence information and relevant dates. Once completed, it can then be peeled again and applied to the appropriate surface for inspection purposes.

We’re all about smart, simple solutions in the HVAC industry and invite you to take a look at our product & installation label at our local distributor or from your local Kilargo sales specialist.


For more information, contact our IFD Team on 1300 858 010 or info@kilargo.com.au

Christmas Closure 2019

Seasons Greetings!

2019 is quickly coming to a close. We’ve all had a fantastic year working with each and every one of our fantastic customers and cannot thank you enough for your support this year.

Whether you’re spending time with your families, going on a great vacation, or just kicking back watching your favourite Christmas Movies, we hope you all have a safe and prosperous Christmas & New Year.

Key Dates

This year Kilargo will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period. Key dates and information are listed below for your reference:

  • Wednesday 18 December: Final Day of Goods Dispatch (No orders processed after this date)
  • Friday 20 December: Kilargo Closes for 2019
  • Monday 06 January 2020: Normal Operations Commence

Please advise the Kilargo team of your requirements prior to these dates to ensure we are able to assist.

Happy Holidays!

~ The Kilargo Team