Upgrading Fire Resistant Doorsets

The Integrity range of fire door upgrade solutions has been designed to provide building owners and essential services maintenance providers with innovative solutions to salvage non-compliant fire door assemblies.

Our innovative application of intumescent technology provides a proven range of simple and cost-effective solutions for upgrading non-compliant fire-resisting doors – without the need for costly door replacements.

Regulatory requirements

Fire-resistant door assemblies are widely used within buildings and help to protect life and property from the devastating consequences of fire. They provide ready accessibility  to adjoining spaces, while maintaining the critical fire separation barrier.

The use of fire door assemblies within buildings is regulated by the Building Code of Australia which references the Australian Standard AS1905.1: 2005 “Components for the protection of opening in fire resistant walls, Part 1: Fire resistant doorsets. This Standard mandates and describes the critical aspects of a fire door assembly, including its fire resistance level, attributes and characteristics of critical components, installation of the entire fire door assembly as well as identification and labeling requirements .
Section 5.5 of AS1905.1 details the allowable clearances around side hung fire doors assemblies shown below.

Clearances between the bottom of all door leafs and the floor shall be as follows:

(a) Between the leaf and the top of any floor covering—not less than 3 mm and not more than 10 mm.
(b) Between the leaf and the top of the non-combustible sill—(i) not more than 10 mm where there is no combustible floor covering; and(ii) not more than 25 mm where there is a combustible floor covering present.

Door leaves side-hung into rebated frames shall be installed to swing clear of the doorframe and shall have mean clearances, in the closed position, between the leaf and the head, and between the leaf and each side, of not more than 3mm.

While keeping within these tolerances sounds uncomplicated, it can be very difficult due to numerous site conditions, out of square frame installations, building movement, and variance in floor levels and finishes.

It is imperative that fire-resistant door assemblies function correctly, and regular inspection and maintenance plays a crucial part in achieving this. Australian Standard AS1851 2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment, Section 17.4.3 provides concise guidance on inspection, testing, maintenance, survey and reporting requirements for hinged fire resistant door assemblies as well as providing recommendations on the frequency of these checks and inspections.

Fire Door Perimeter Upgrade for Non-Compl. Gaps

Fire Door - Non-Rated Frame Upgrade

FDBU for up to 20mm Gaps

FDBU for up to 60mm Gaps

  • Single Leaf / Side Hung (nom. 35mm)
  • Single Leaf / Side Hung (nom. 45mm)