Door Seals

Door Seal Overview

Kilargo’s products aim to provide solutions by considering fire, smoke, sound and energy requirements across our range of products. Our popular ranges of door seals can be viewed below. Kilargo’s door seals can be applied to commercial settings from all sectors, including education, health care and medical industries, hygienic environments and all other multi occupancy environments. To learn more about how a door seal can be used in commercial or multiple occupancy environments, please view our news article specially dedicated towards answering any questions you may have in regards to this topic.

door-seal Fire Seal Range

Fire sealing solutions are an essential factor in any multi occupancy environment to reduce the risk to property and human life. Our fire sealing solutions focus on reducing fire severity by restricting the spread of flames and smoke caused by various types of fires. We focus on creating the highest quality fire resistant door seals to minimise fire impact and ensure the spread of fire or hot smoke can be diminished.

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door-seal Smoke Seal Range

Our smoke seal range aims to reduce the spread of smoke, which can spread dangerous toxins and can be harmful to those exposed to it. It is essential for commercial and multi-use buildings to have the highest quality smoke solutions installed, and Kilargo smoke seals are a proven method to improve building containment and create safer environments.

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door-seal Sound Insulation Door Seals

Door seals that focus on reducing airborne sound are commonly called acoustic seals. In any location where noise can influence human performance and activity, effective and top standard acoustic sealing is fundamental. Educational and healthcare environments are some of the sectors that benefit from acoustic door seals, although they are applicable to all multi occupancy environments where the spread of sound is disruptive or undesired.

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door-seal Energy & Weather Seal Range

Kilargo’s Weather and Energy door seals not only restrict the disturbance of wind drafts, hot air and rain, but have also been found to cut energy use by preventing outside air flow from altering the internal environment’s temperature. We cater for a range of systems, including timber frames, aluminium frames, frameless glass door systems and garage doors to suit all sectors and environments.

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door-seal Door Bottom Seals Range

Kilargo’s Door Bottom Seals have been cleverly designed to cover the gap between the floor and the door, whilst considering any specific factors you are concerned about. We are committed in helping you find the most appropriate door bottom seals for your multi-occupancy building.

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