Door seals for commercial or multiple occupancy environments?

Door seals have a variety of different functions and are an essential factor to consider when you are aiming to maximise the safety, comfort and performance of commercial buildings. An effective door seal will not only help contain the spread of fire, but will also aid in detaining the spreading of sound and smoke, as well as protecting against weather. Energy also comes into play, as door seals can help cut energy usage and keep comfortable temperature levels within buildings. Therefore, there are multiple factors to consider when installing or upgrading the door seals on your commercial properties.

A fire seal works by expanding under heat to fill in the gaps between the door leaf and frame. This helps prevent any smoke and fire to pass between these gaps, therefore aiding to contain the fire and preventing it from spreading to other parts of a building. Fire door seals are an essential aspect when it comes to containing fires, and can also have an immense impact on the amount of infrastructure that is damaged by the fire. They can therefore prevent further damage to your building by helping to contain a fire, ensuring as little damage as possible is done. A fire damper may also be recommended to ensure maximum safety within a multi-occupancy environment.

Additionally, noise is also an important factor in many commercial settings. Sound insulation door seal can help minimise the noise from day to day activities from one room to another, and can minimise disruption to ensure certain areas retain their quiet surroundings. Additionally, a weather seal or weather strip can be used to protect a building from environmental factors such as rain, wind and storms. These are extremely beneficial in commercial sectors, and can be beneficial in creating a more comfortable commercial environment.

Kilargo has an array of door seals to choose from which can suit your specific needs and requirements for all commercial settings, and our innovative technologies aim to provide you with the best solutions for your door seal needs. Our products are ideal for commercial applications, and can be customised to suit your particular business requirements. Contact us today so we can help you find the best solution for your project.