Kilargo IFD Aero

ARBs IFD Aero Launch

Kilargo launched its next generation blade design* for intumescent fire dampers at the ARBS 2016 Exhibition held in Melbourne from May 17-19.

In an industry-leading breakthrough, air cuts straight across our new IFD Aero blade, reducing airflow resistance and noise levels in everyday use. It also paves the way for increased energy savings compared with traditional fire damper designs, both intumescent and other types.


The state-of-the-art design was developed by the research arm of Kilargo, Australia’s leading provider of IFDs, and is the result of specific HVAC industry feedback and consultation with, mechanical engineers, fire safety consultants, architects and builders.

It offers many benefits in comparison with older generation type 44 IFD designs.

These fire dampers provide critical seals where ducts for heating, ventilation or air-conditioning pass through fire-resistant walls, floors and ceilings. They need to allow for virtually unobstructed and guaranteed, trouble-free, ventilation every day, while providing total closure in a fire event.

The IFD Aero has been rigorously tested in accordance with the latest standards and is fully compliant with all relevant Australian and New Zealand building codes.

The new blade design will be available across Kilargo’s entire range of wall, floor and ceiling solutions with no extra costs.

*Patented in Australia and the UK (UK Patent Application No. 1607085.6).