Tested to both AS 1530.4-2014 Section 2 & 4 to provide both fire integrity and insulation as required by the latest version of AS1668.1.

Not only this but installers can achieve full installed compliance to AS1682.2 with ease
& simplicity, thanks to the Kilargo IFD-CE1-LL & IFD-CE4-LL which features the clever
Installers Label and Installation instructions available at the click of a button or swipe of
the Smart Phone App.

Unique Features to IFD-CE-LL

  • High Performance Design
  • Low-Loss = Reduced Pressure & Lowered
  • Acoustic Transmission
  • Potential energy efficency savings
  • Tested to AS1530.4 2014 Section 2 & 4
  • Insulation up to 120 min
  • Fire Integrity up to 120 min
  • RISF rating up to 120 min
  • Peel off Installers Label included for
  • AS1682.2 compliance
  • AS 1682.1 2015 compliant
  • Wider range of flexible & compliant installations & FRLs

Suggested Specifications

Ceiling Fire dampers shall be Kilargo IFD-CE-LL series intumescent fire dampers. The installation shall be in accordance with approved Kilargo systems installation details and must comply with the requirements AS/NZS 1668.1 and the air leakage test of AS 1682.1.

Fire dampers must allow bi-directional airflow and have no moving parts. Intumescent fire dampers shall be tested for Fire Resistance Level (FRL) requirements in accordance with AS 1530.4:2014 Section 2 & Section 4.

Fire Damper installation shall be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of AS 1682.2, and Kilargo System Installation details including the use of Kilargo Intumescent Mastic

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