IS5111si for External Sliding Doors

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40


This sealing combination is compliant with AS3959 as a suitable sealing solution for an external sliding door in a bush-fire risk area with a Bushfire Attack Level of 40.

The door should be constructed so that it complies with AS3959 (Part 8.5.4) and be tight-fitting in its frame.

Both the sliding door frame and framing surrounding any glazing shall be metal. Where sliding doors incorporate any glazing, the glazing shall be toughened glass of minimum 6mm thick. Both the fixed and openable portions of the doors shall also be fitted with screens that comply with Clause 8.5.1A.

The seals fitted to stiles, head and thresholds shall be manufactured from silicone or a material with a flammability index no greater than 5.

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