IS7190si, IS8010si


This sealing combination is suitable for typical isolation room applications where quantifiable ambient temperature air/smoke leakage rates are required to be tested in accordance with AS1530 Part 7, as per engineered specifications.


This system is tested in accordance with BS476: Part 31 (Methods for measuring smoke penetration through doorsets and shutter assemblies) Section 31.1:1983 (Method of measurement under ambient temperature conditions).

The larger sized IS7190si perimeter seal caters for more heavy-duty door applications, whilst controlling air leakage around the door perimeter within the prescribed specifications.

  • When fitting the IS7190si perimeter seal to rebated frames of single doors, specify a long back set door latch.
  • Please check with our Technical Department for suitability of this sealing system with your proprietary door type.
  • Ambient temperature leakage data available upon request.

The silicone gaskets of this architectural smoke sealing system can also be supplied with built-in antimicrobial protection, providing superior infection control for:

  • Hospitals, medical centres & nursing homes
  • Laboratories and food handling facilities
  • Childcare centres & schools

For more information and copies of relevant certificates contact Kilargo

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