45mm Proprietary High Performance Steel Door Systems

Where there’s a requirement for greater sound control – such as in medical surgeries, multiple-occupancy buildings or school music rooms – the door construction needs to meet a higher acoustic rating to ensure privacy.

Working in partnership with specialist acoustic door manufacturers, Kilargo has tested a selection of seals to meet the performance requirements, while taking into account accessibility needs to ensure everyday functionality.

A number of these acoustic door assemblies are specialised steel doors in steel frames.

PDF Download Acoustic Sealing System Data for 45mm High Performance Steel Acoustic Door

These acoustic door systems are proprietary and hence the above combinations cannot simply be applied across other door systems.

Kilargo has extensive experience working with acoustic door manufacturers, and as such, can offer proprietary systems beyond those shown above. Please contact Kilargo for further information.

41Rw Proprietary Steel Acoustic Door Systems

42Rw Proprietary Steel Acoustic Door Systems

48Rw Proprietary Steel Acoustic Door System