Nom. 37mm & 47mm Proprietary Fire Door Assemblies

Traditionally, a fire-resistant door assembly was required to demonstrate its capacity for resisting the passage of flames and hot gases under the conditions of a strictly controlled test in accordance with local building regulations and standards.

Today’s demands on fire doors go beyond such requirements. Depending on its location in a building, the door may also need to have a designated standard of acoustic performance Рa typical example being the 1 hour fire resistant unit entry door.

The table below shows approved sealing combinations to achieve a minimum sound insulation of Rw30, fully approved on 60 minute & 120 minute proprietary fire doors.

Please contact Kilargo prior to installation to ensure the sealing system you have selected is approved on your proprietary fire door system.

PDF Download Acoustic Sealing System Data for Proprietary Fire Doors

Min. 30Rw Acoustic Rating