Door Seals: 4 Times They’ll Save The Day

A door seal is such a small detail in the grand scheme of construction, but it has a huge impact on the performance of a building. Kilargo are Australian specialists when it comes to fire, weather, acoustic and energy saving door seals. We recognise the vast importance a door seal can have on the safety, sustainability and privacy of a building. There’s a door seal to suit every residential and commercial building, and from day one, you’ll be thankful you paid attention to the finer details.

Let’s take-a-look at some everyday scenarios, and some unfortunate events that could occur, where a door seal will show its worth.

1. Fire

Fire symbolFires are powerful, fast moving and unforgiving. If the unthinkable were to occur, you’d hope all the measures were in place to ensure the best chance of survival and restoration. Without a feature as simple as door seals, smoke containing toxic gases can escape one room and travel to the next in an instant. The gaps on each side of a door are crucial in its design, as when a fire is present, it draws oxygen through the gaps in the door frame, providing additional fuel for the flames.

Quality intumescent fire and smoke seals, manufactured with precision, will ensure harmful smoke & flames are contained, preventing it spreading further.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fire door seals expand once they reach a certain temperature
  • Smoke Door Seals around the door will fully seal all gaps and prevent leakage
  • Door seals manufactured with intumescent materials are a cost-effective solution to help improve the integrity of a fire door

2. Acoustics

Audio symbolWe all value our privacy. However, it’s not always so easy to come by. Whether it’s a formal business meeting, an important exam or a personal health appointment, privacy is crucial under these circumstances. Architectural door seals are key in ensure optimal privacy by restricting transfer of sound.

Features & Benefits:

  • Our high-quality architectural seals ensure no noise filters out of the room
  • A variety of seals are available for use in commercial, educational, public and healthcare buildings
  • Durability testing to 100,000 open/close cycles to ensure they go the distance

3. Weather and Temperature Control

Stormy SkyIn Australia, we’re no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Whether it be the scorching heat in summer, torrential rains in the wet season or dusty barren lands, gaps in doors create a gateway for dust, dirt, water and unwanted vermin. You can easily combat harsh weather conditions with a door seal suited to your requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fitted to external door openings to keep the elements out
  • Helps maintain a comfortable temperature in rooms
  • A variety of seals are available to suit timber, aluminium and glass door systems

4. Energy 

Multiple hanging lightbulbsA feature as simple as a door seal can have a significant impact on the amount of energy used in commercial, educational, public and healthcare buildings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Door seals can be installed onto doors in air-conditioned environments, preventing cool air from escaping, thus conserving energy and maintaining a desired temperature

With Kilargo, you know you’re getting the latest thinking in building safety, comfort and energy efficiency. Our products perform and last. We have earned a reputation for exceptional quality and reliability in commercial & multi-occupancy buildings across Australia & around the world.

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