Expect and Get the Best

If you’re involved in building design, construction and maintenance, you need real confidence in the products you choose to meet regulations while protecting people and property.

That’s why Kilargo has introduced the Kilargo Integrity Seal: six key commitments that its team strives to meet every day.

“It represents exactly what customers can expect from our products and our service, so there’s no surprises or unknowns. It’s just a given,” said Chief Executive Tony Tapper.

“We don’t supply products and walk away – we drive industry standards, we’re backed by experience and we’re truly invested in our clients’ success. That’s why our products are used and trusted across so many sectors.”

Tony said the Kilargo Integrity Seal is about providing leading and lasting solutions for great buildings, and bringing simplicity and peace-of-mind to customers.

“When it comes with our seal, it’s backed by our entire team’s experience and passion for premium quality, true performance and unwavering service. It also represents our environmental commitment and thirst for innovation.”

The Kilargo Integrity Seal’s six key commitments are:

  • excellence, every time
  • the latest and best
  • superb service, no fuss
  • real partnership
  • great team, unbeatable experience
  • bigger environmental commitment.