Door Seals: 4 Times They’ll Save The Day

A door seal is such a small detail in the grand scheme of construction, but it has a huge impact on the performance of a building. Kilargo are Australian specialists when it comes to fire, weather, acoustic and energy saving door seals. We recognise the vast importance a door seal can have on the safety, sustainability and privacy of a building. There’s a door seal to suit every residential and commercial building, and from day one, you’ll be thankful you paid attention to the finer details.


Black Door Seal – Kilargo

Kilargo Middle East’s industry leading door seals are now available in a stylish black anodised finish.
These black seals cater to savvy buyers who want reassurance that their home or business is properly sealed against fire, smoke, sound, dust, rain, wind and insects.


Smoke the real killer in structural fires: Why you need smoke seals

The scenes on the evening news are devastating when a structural fires occurs. Families devastated, buildings and property destroyed, communities distraught. But while news footage focuses on the drama of buildings engulfed in flames, it’s actually smoke that is the major contributor to fatalities and serious injuries. Read on to understand the impact of smoke and preventative measures to limit its effect.

Balancing Security with Fire Safety

It’s no surprise that Australians want to protect their homes with the best, most secure lock systems; but it’s also no surprise that we have some of the strictest fire regulations in the world.

There is concern recently that some homeowners are sacrificing fire safety for security, by fitting the latest, hi-tech locks that do lower the risk of break and entry, but at the same time contravene fire regulations. More

How to Comply with BCA Requirements

All Australian buildings must comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements. This is a set of technical and safety provisions for the design and construction of buildings that is reviewed and amended every year to cover technical and regulatory changes. More